A preschool-8th grade co-educational Jewish day school in northshore Chicago


Frequently Asked Questions

Our students come from Buffalo Grove, Chicago (Peterson Park, West Rogers Park), Highland Park, Lake Zurich, Mount Prospect, Northbrook, Palatine, Prospect Heights, Round Lake, Skokie, Wauconda, Wheeling, and everywhere in between. We do have transportation available to Torah Academy from Chicago/Skokie, and back.
We have a fantastically low student - teacher ratio of 1:6.
PreK: Monday -Friday 8:30 am-12:00 pm. Pre-arranged Lunch Bunch and extended hours available. K-8: Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-3:45 pm, Friday 8:30 am-3:00 pm (2:00 pm on short Fridays)
Torah Academy expects each student to dress in a way that reflects self-respect and respect for our learning environment. Beginning this school year, 2019-2020, we have initiated a sharp-looking school uniform for grades 1-8, from Land’s End. Our Preferred School Number is: 900189531.
Children who are born Jewish, or are in the process of a halachic conversion, are eligible for admission to Torah Academy. There are individuals in our parent body who are not Jewish.
We are dedicated to ensuring that every Jewish family can provide an exceptional Jewish and General Studies education for their children. There are multiple external scholarships available such as, but not limited to, SGOs (Empower Illinois, Big Shoulders Fund), Oorah, JUF Right Start, Nechomas Yisrael, and The Kehillah Fund. Torah Academy also provides need-based institutional scholarships. We are readily available to assist you through the scholarship award process. Please call Stacey at the school office, 847-243-8567, for assistance.
Prearranged weekly early drop off (8am) and late pick up (5pm) are available for an additional fee. Early Drop Off: $6/child/day Late Pick Up: $12/child/day After-school enrichment programs are also available throughout the school year (until 4:45pm).
The use of Hebrew as a spoken language, coupled with our progressive, integrated, experiential curriculum, develops each child’s capacity for complex learning. The study of original Biblical texts helps develop linguistics, critical thinking and analytical skills. In addition, managing a dual curriculum of Jewish and General Studies, children need to develop organizational and time management skills which lead to better study habits. Torah Academy’s challenging and multifaceted curriculum prepares our graduates for advanced study in any area of interest. Torah Academy promotesJewish values and ethics, Torah wisdom and traditions in each individual child, and fosters a curiosity and excellence in the greater world.
Yes. At Torah Academy, the General Studies program is guided by the same basic state standards used in schools across Illinois and taken to a higher level. Students do not get less, they get more. Children progress at their own pace and are challenged at their level. No child is locked into their chronological grade curriculum if they are ready for more. Learning at Torah Academy is NOT boring. Our text-based Jewish curriculum sharpens the skills students need to succeed in their General Studies as well. The focus on Hebrew text and language skills trains our students to question and analyze, and to be discerning readers — skills needed to be strong readers and thinkers in any language.
Torah Academy respects students and families at all levels of observance and Jewish practice, and is a place in which families become friends with people who are not exactly like themselves. Our school community encourages these connections and a mutual respect that is not dependent on levels of observance or nationality. All parents feel accepted - not judged. It is our goal that each child and each family feel comfortable and accepted in our Torah Academy family.
Yes. This is a pedagogical choice we really believe in and its benefits are multiple and diverse. Check out our "Why Multi-Age?" page to learn more.
Yes, there is diversity at Torah Academy. Our school community reflects a variety of family backgrounds, observances, synagogue affiliation, student academic strengths, and socioeconomic diversity. We firmly believe that every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education. Period.
Yes! We believe in the importance of integrating all these enriching disciplines throughout our day. In addition, Torah Academy has specialists in music, art, chess, coding, physical education, and STEM who teach classes throughout the week. Our students have two recess times daily to get their bodies moving and their brains energized to learn. This is one of the opportunities for children of different grades to interact with each other as a school community.
Children entering Pre-K3, must be three years old by the first day of school. Torah Academy is guided by the state, but as a private school we maintain flexibility in our admissions decisions for Pre-K4, Kindergarten and school age children, based on the child’s social/emotional maturity and academic prowess. We are committed to getting to know each child who applies for admission, and together with parents, determine the best class placement for a child.
Torah Academy is located in Buffalo Grove just off of Lake Cook Road. Our suburban campus is only 15 minutes from Lake Zurich, 16 minutes from Northbrook, 23 minutes from Skokie, and 35 minutes from West Rogers Park. This summer, G-d willing, we’ve planned a construction project to expand our classrooms, create additional ones, and to finish the multipurpose space, which serves as our gym, lunchroom, auditorium and venue for community events. There is an outdoor, gated play space for outdoor recess.
Our teachers get to know their students very well - their gifts and their challenges. Whereas traditional classrooms teach to the middle, which leaves the bottom students lost and the top students bored, our creative, forward-thinking teachers offer open-ended assignments and tailor their curriculum expectations accordingly. Through our multi-age classroom settings, flexible ability grouping, and a low student-te acher ratio, we are able to teach each student, not just cover curriculum topics. Both gifted students and those that need support, blossom and succeed in our program.
Van service from Chicago and Skokie is available to accommodate our families from those neighborhoods. Students may ride round-trip or one-way for a year-long commitment and an additional transportation fee. Routes are adjusted yearly to accommodate ridership. Space is limited. Please call the office to reserve your child(ren)’s spot(s). The majority of our local students are carpooled to and from school.