A preschool-8th grade co-educational Jewish day school in northshore Chicago
Grades 1-3

Grades 1-3

Early Elementary

The transition from our ELC to grade school is a smooth one, as the lower elementary classrooms continue to have group-based work, individualized learning, and ample time for creativity and play.

Judaic Studies starts off the day. Our students pray daily, learn Torah (Chumash and Parasha), Hebrew language, and Jewish holidays, law, and culture. We teach them to read the original texts and commentaries, not just take our word for it. Students develop a love and pride for being Jewish.

In General Studies, they continue to sharpen the critical skills that will lay the foundation for their future academic success at Torah Academy and beyond. The curriculum addresses all areas of the state standards, including mathematics, strategic thinking and logical processes, reading fluency and comprehension, creative writing, vocabulary, and spelling, social studies, geography and history, and scientific reasoning and exploration.