A preschool-8th grade Jewish day school in northshore Chicago

Dress Code

Dress Code & Student Uniforms

All students are required to be appropriately dressed according to the established dress code. Torah Academy requires each student to dress in a way that reflects respect for the learning environment. 

Early Childhood and Kindergarten

Children in the Early Childhood and Kindergarten are not required to follow the uniform dress code of the elementary school students. Casual, comfortable clothes are best.  Tank tops, sleeveless tops and sleeveless jumpers may not be worn to school. Although smocks are provided and encouraged as a choice for children during creative art, accidents do occur.  Please make sure school clothes are comfortable, sturdy and washable. To ensure the safety of our students, closed toe shoes should be worn throughout the day. Please send your son to school with a kippah every day.

1st – 8th Grades

Uniforms can be purchased through the Lands’ End website by clicking here. The code for Torah Academy is 900189531. 

A minimum of one white long sleeve oxford shirt should be purchased from Lands’ End with our school logo.  Parents may elect to purchase the remaining uniform items at a store of their choice. Details are provided in the parent guidebook, available upon request from the school office.


In keeping with the tznius (modesty) standard of our school, we respectfully request that all visitors entering our building dress according to our dress code. This includes baby-sitters or caregivers who may be coming into the building on your behalf.