A preschool-8th grade Jewish day school in northshore Chicago

Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center (PreK 3 – Kindergarten)

Young children are naturally inquisitive and enjoy learning. They love to explore and understand the world around them, and a superior preschool is one that channels and guides that curiosity.

Our talented early childhood teachers and Reggio-inspired classrooms promote hands-on learning through a multitude of sensory experiences. They facilitate the children’s natural expressions of discovery and creativity. Open-ended questions help stimulate the thinking process and motivate children to make connections and apply their newfound knowledge. Math, language, science and social studies concepts are incorporated each day as our students explore their learning environment with their teachers and peers. 

Learning is fun and enjoyable at all ages. At Torah Academy, your child will gain the cognitive, social and emotional skills necessary to blossom into a lifelong learner and mentch.

Torah Academy is community that fosters a nurturing environment for children to learn through active exploration and play.

Our classrooms are rich in sensory experiences, providing an environment where children can explore their world through interactions with each other and adults, hands-on activities, literature, music, and movement. Teachers provide opportunities for children to select various activities of interest, allowing them to build on their existing knowledge (i.e., dramatic play, art, sand and water tables, card and board games, music and movement, group games, dictating and writing stories, songs, group meeting time, and outdoor play). This is balanced with structured group activities.