A preschool-8th grade Jewish day school in northshore Chicago

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Sponsor A Day of Learning


Sponsor a day of learning at Torah Academy!


The sweet sounds of preschool chidren singing Adon Olam…

The serious, sincere Shema of an elementary student…

The Talmud discussions and Parsha classes in our middle school…

The merit can be yours.

By dedicating a day of learning and prayer at Torah Academy, not only will your contribution support and encourage our efforts, but the zechus (merit) of the Torah study and tefilah that day will stand in your favor as well. Whether it’s a yahrtzeit, a commemoration, in honor or in memory of someone special, as a merit for a recovery from illness, or any other reason, choose your day and let us know.

Standard sponsorships are $180/day. Weekly, monthly, and yearly sponsorships are available as well. Contact our office at 847-243-8567 or Rabbi Zehnwirth at 773-771-2613 to reserve your date(s).

Your dedication will be posted near the entrance of the building and will be announced at our school-wide Morning Meeting.